​​Performance Driving Notes

​by John Norrington

​John Norrington has over 40 years racing experience and over 10 years experience as a performance driving coach. In these pages John imparts some useful information on common topics he faces while coaching drivers.


​This topic crops up time and again and with all drivers – even professionals. Overdriving implies you are driving the car too hard – over the limit.

  • Entering corners too fast
  • Getting on the power too soon
  • Braking too hard and too late

It’s all happening too fast and the car feels ahead of you instead of you being ahead of it. It creates a major loss of time. It also destroys all your efforts to go faster. Trying harder is not the way to go faster. It is driving consciously not driving in the Zone.

The Cure.

  • Recognise it
  • Re-focus
  • Set realistic goal
  • Use self discipline

So revisit your technique and retain that structure so that you drive better not what appears to be faster.

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