​ARDS Instruction

​at Bedford Autodrome

​ARDS Coaching by John Norrington

​To compete in car racing at a race circuit in the UK you must first take an ARDS test to achieve the competition licence required by the MSA.

John Norrington is a hugely experienced ARDS instructor and regularly works at the Bedford Autodrome. The Bedford Autodrome is not an ARDS school but driver coaching and training towards an ARDS test can be conducted there. John also travels to race circuits across the UK that are ARDS registered schools and conduct the tests.

John has a relaxed and considered approach, this with his 40 plus racing and 10 plus years teaching experience, makes the ideal environment to help aspiring drivers through the ARDS test. John will provide pre-assessment and training in preparation for the ARDS test. The ARDS test itself can be taken an race circuits across the UK. The coaching includes the correct use of engine power, braking technique, correct driving position, gear changing, and optimisation of steering. Racing lines will be explained and you will be coached in circuit safety and awareness of other circuit users. Race procedure will be explained including lights and flag signals, their importance and meaning.

Please contact John Norrington for more information and to make arrangements to meet at the Bedford Autodrome.


ARDS Approved Coach
MSA Level 2 Coach
Institute of Advanced Motorists
APDI Member
Association of Track Day Organisers
Specialist Driving Skills Agency

John Norrington Experience

Bedford Autodrome Circuit Diagram
John Norrington MSA Coaching Certificate