​Trackday Car Hire

​John Norrington

Our track prepared Mazda MX5 is available to hire for tuition with us at £499 per day, or £399 per half day, terms and conditions subject to our hire agreement and payable 10 days in advance of the event. Failure to do this entitles us to cancel the booking.

One full tank of fuel is included in the daily hire charges.

NB. Please be aware the MX5 is a small car and those over 6’ 2” and/or over 100kgs may not fit into it. We are making you aware of this prior to booking it as once delivered to the requested venue the hire agreement applies.

We do not provide helmets but they ‘may’ be available to hire from the trackday organiser or can be purchased at around £50 online via Ebay etc. Note motorsport approved helmets are compulsory on track at all times.

Track regulations may be wide ranging and are applied not by us but by the track owners and/or the trackday organisers and should be obtained and studied by you prior to the event as we cannot be in any way responsible for any problems encountered in this area. Venues may exclude children, animals, spectators etc so be sure on this prior to the event.

Our agreement with you is solely for tuition and/or hire of our vehicle.

Trackday insurance – to insure the Mazda for your trackday please look at the link below.

Mazda MX5

​Mazda MX5